Providing Comprehensive Off-Duty Police Services

Off-Duty Police/Security Services

SENTRYSIX International is recognized as an industry leader in providing the most highly trained and experienced security personnel. Our security firm also offers off duty police officers for hire in the San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Waco, Texas region. Our off duty police services can offer a police presence at your next wedding, sporting event, hostile employment termination, and more. When you need that extra law enforcement presence, contact us to learn how we can assist.

Traffic Control Service

SENTRYSIX offers off-duty police officers for traffic control services throughout Texas. Our off-duty police, traffic control services are ideal for construction, lane closures, special events, and more. Contact us today if you’re interested in off-duty police officers for hire, and off-duty police officers for traffic control in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas or Houston, Texas.

Support For Law Enforcement And Augmentation Support Services

Our professional security company can support law enforcement agencies by providing a range of services. All of our protective security specialists have five or more years of law enforcement and military experience. When staffing becomes difficult at law enforcement agencies across the country, our firm is here to help in providing a wide range of services. Some areas in which our security firm can provide assistance include the following.

Law Enforcement Training Support

The SENTRYSIX International Training Institute offers advanced Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) approved courses for continuing education credits for Texas Peace Officers. Contact us today to request mobile training services for your law enforcement agency.