There are plenty of companies out there that provide similar security services as we do. But how are you able to know which service is better? Where would you begin with researching what type of product or service is right for you? 

Now it’s time for us to tackle the question and hopefully give you some insight on which of our services and or products will benefit your community down the long run. 

Security Guards 

Security guards are the first line of security services that we offer. We offer highly trained armed security guards that are there to ensure your property is safe and secure from trespassers and individuals who might be scoping out the community to commit a crime. Security guards are ideal for gated communities, storage facilities, construction sites and warehouse facilities. 

Remote Video Guarding – Video Surveillance

iGuard is our form of remote video guarding. Our iGuard offers interactive technology and analytics that identifies criminal activity at the source and the criminals are met with our operators sounding sirens, activating lights and providing immediate contact to law enforcement or local security teams. Our iGuard video solution is ideal for cell towers, energy facilities, auto dealerships and construction sites.

You may consider purchasing iGuard if you prefer the security of around the clock video surveillance. You may agree that video guarding is just as sufficient as a security guard but provides more assurance that the area is being watched at any given time.  

Access Control 

Our leading-edge technology in identity authorization, gives your community peace of mind and limits access to visitors. Access control systems are ideal for residential communities, corporate office buildings or other facilities. 


For more information on all of our products, please visit our website at or call us today at 833-736-8796.