Deputies delayed themselves in responding to the tragic Parkland school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Despite the deputies being armed and trained, they did not intervene, according to the New York Post. Who knows if a speedy response could have saved some or even all of the victims of the school shooter?

Today’s standard of active shooter training instructs armed security officers or law enforcement officers to make entry immediately on the scene, even if they are alone. Time is critical. Our team of security specialists are U.S. military veterans who head towards the action and are already combat proven in the battlefield. They are trained to assess the scene and immediately identify potential and real vulnerabilities in the area.

How vulnerable are you to an attack? Don’t be blindsided. Let SENTRYSIX provide you security solutions to help prevent future tragedy. Our School Protection Officers are highly experienced in actual company experiences and know exactly how to address a threat that puts the safety of our children and school staff in danger. Our officers receive extensive training in active shooter response and advanced medical training. We are the first responders and the leader in the next generation of security.

Security guards should have real world experience in crisis prevention. They must be prepared to confront the attacker and diffuse the situation. Our security guards are U.S. military veterans who step into action and engage in protective measures to keep you safe. Call us now for a FREE Risk Assessment: 1.833.736.8796.

We are the leader in the next generation of security.