SentrySix is proud to present the Eva’s Heroes Baseball Clinic on June 16th at St. Mary’s University. The event is held annually and provides an opportunity for individuals with special needs to learn and play baseball. Former Major League Baseball players will attend and coach participants before the Grand Slam baseball game begins.

SentrySix International is a security company very much involved in supporting our local community. In attendance at the baseball clinic will be members of our security team. We support Eva’s Heroes and the work they do to provide equal opportunities for persons in the special needs community. In fact, supporting noble causes is part of how we make the SentrySix difference. Discover which MLB players will be coaching by following us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

Co-founded by Eva Longoria, Evas’ Heroes is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing special needs individuals the opportunities to explore, learn and stay involved in our community.

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