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    At SENTRYSIX we take healthcare safety and security serious. Hospital security is one of our specialized services and with our experienced security team and our Security Director who is a certified healthcare administrator, we have grown to be the industry experts in hospital safety and security services, to include audit and consulting to ensure The Joint Commission compliance.

    SENTRYSIX offers comprehensive healthcare security solutions to allow for a full integration with existing security systems and the implementation of new systems. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive safety and security service, that allows the healthcare providers focus on their mission of providing the best in patient care.



    SENTRYSIX works closely with and integrates fully with Environment of Care (EOC) committees to ensure all requirements of staffing, education and technology are met. Our team offers comprehensive assessments, audits and development of reporting and management plans for regulatory agencies.



    Our certified consultants have the experience necessary to assist your healthcare facility with ensuring compliance with The Joint Commission.



    SENTRYSIX is experienced and well-versed in hospital security requirements nationwide and offers a full spectrum of training programs tailored to the healthcare system, that includes emergency rooms, urgent care, medical office buildings, home health, ambulatory surgical centers, and more. We can provide comprehensive training programs to healthcare staff using drills and exercises to simulate various scenarios such as active shooter incidents and infant abductions. We will plan and execute exercises with your team and conduct a full review and assessment.



    Patriot Eye Global Security Operations & Fusion Center, is owned, managed and operated by SENTRYSIX USA, LLC, a sister company. Patriot Eye serves as our full service security operations center and is a fully integrated central communications hub that integrates with any healthcare security program a client may have in place. With our centralized ops center, we provide nationwide radio communication services and monitoring to over 120 facilities nationwide. This enables a faster response of security personnel, vehicle patrols, and other emergency services as needed. Our GSOC offers:

    • Alarm Monitoring
    • Public Safety Dispatch Communications
    • Nationwide Public Safety/Emergency Communications System
    • Patient Monitoring
    • Video Surveillance and Video Monitoring
    • Emergency Call Boxes & Emergency Panic Button Monitoring
    • Access Control
    • Social Media & Open Source Threat Monitoring



    Quality and effective healthcare security is critical to facility, patient and healthcare worker safety. At SENTRYSIX our team is ready to serve you and your healthcare facility, and we can offer a full spectrum of solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can better serve you and learn more about the healthcare security and patrol services we can offer below:

    • Healthcare Security Officers
    • Security Patrol Services
    • Dispatched Emergency Response
    • Specialized Armed Emergency Response Teams
    • Off Duty Police Officers
    • Explosive and Narcotics Canine Detection Services
    • Visitor Screening and Management


    Contact us today to learn more about our specialized healthcare security services!