Security consultants in san antonio

How does your company or facility stand up against the ever evolving threats, we face today? How are your current security measures holding up? Do they need to be evaluated to test vulnerabilities? We can help. At the SENTRYSIX Defense Group, we take a comprehensive look at existing security plans and procedures to identify vulnerabilities and we will provide recommendations to strengthen your security plan.

Don't currently have any security plans in place? No problem. We will conduct a full analysis of your situation, and provide risk-informed recommendations to develop a comprehensive security plan to ensure the protection of your facility, assets and personnel.

SENTRYSIX security risk management experts, and analysts employ rigorous fact-finding and analytical techniques to identify, assess and manage the organizational risks, threats and vulnerabilities confronting a business or initiative, a portfolio of corporate assets or operations, or the business and personal activities of an at-risk executive, individual or family.



Don't know where to begin, to see which services are right for your company? Rest assured, we will help you every step of the way. We will sit down with you at your earliest convenience and provide a one-on-one consultation to see which of our products and services will best fit your company's needs. Contact us now at 1-833-736-8796 for a free consultation.