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    The canine detection services offered by SENTRYSIX International is second-to-none. We offer a variety of canine detection services in the areas of explosives and narcotics. Our detection canines are trained through one of the nations leading canine training centers, located in San Antonio, Texas. These detection canines are used by law enforcement and security agencies nationwide.

    In the event of an alert, the SENTRYSIX Narcotics K9 Handler will notify you of the suspected location of the drug. The SENTRYSIX Handler will not physically search, come in contact, or dispose of any substance.  The results of a search will remain confidential.  No law enforcement agency will be contacted by SENTRYSIX.  Law enforcement notification or involvement will be left to your discretion.

    Contact us today at 210-741-7979 to schedule a K-9 search of your business.

    Narcotics Detection

    Our narcotics canine detection teams can detect the following:

    Cocaine / Crack-Cocaine

    Heroin / Naswar / Opium


    Marijuana / Cannabis Resin / Synthetics / Hassish

    MDMA / Ecstasy

    Methamphetamine / Amphetamine / Khat

    PCP / Angel Dust

    Explosives Detection

    Our explosives canine detection teams can detect the following:

    Ammonium Nitrate IED / HME

    Ammonium Nitrate / Urea Nitrate / ANFO

    Ethylene Glycol Dinitrate

    Potassium Chlorate

    Semtex (A + H)

    Sodium Chlorate



    Our canine detection teams are available to serve the following cities and surrounding areas:

    Austin, Texas  |  Corpus Christi, Texas  |  Dallas, Texas  |  Galveston, Texas  |  San Antonio, Texas | San Marcos, Texas  |  Waco, Texas